These resources have been developed over a number of years. They may be used to support the leadership of Catholic Schools ,whole school staff development and the classroom teacher as appropriate. This page will be updated so please do check back from time to time.

Understanding and Living the Ethos in a Catholic Primary School


Understanding and Living the Ethos in a Catholic Primary School is a resource developed  which aims to better facilitate schools in understanding and living the ethos in a Catholic primary school, Schools engaging with the process will explore and develop what it is to have an authentic, and distinct Catholic ethos.

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Catholic Primary Schools in a Changing Ireland – Sharing Good Practice on Inclusion of All Pupils

This booklet is a resource for Catholic schools in developing such policies and in sharing best practice. It was published in response to the forum report and to the Forum on Patronage and Pluralism in the Primary Sector: Progress to Date and Future Directions (2014) issued by the Department of Education.

In Part One of this paper there is an analysis of foundational issues, including a vision of what a Catholic primary school strives to be, while Part Two details good practice with regard to the education of all pupils in Catholic primary schools. It should be emphasised that this document does not purport to provide a full understanding of Catholic schooling. Rather the focus is precisely on the holistic education of non-Catholic pupils in Catholic primary schools.

The booklet is available here.


The Flourish Programme – an RSE Programme for Catholic Primary Schools


The Flourish programme is an RSE resource for use in Catholic Primary Schools on the island of Ireland. It aims to view the subject through a Catholic lens, fostering respect for self and others and helping the child, with the support of their family, to develop a moral compass. It consists of four lessons per class per year and is based on reflective practice as well as parental involvement. It is designed to be used in conjunction with the Department of Education RSE programme and has many integration points in the Primary Curriculum.

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