Find a School

The Department of Education and Skills (DES) provides an up-to-date list of all Primary and Post-Primary Schools in Ireland on their website. To make your search as convenient as possible, we have outlined 12 steps below which take you step by step through the process of finding a school using the DES website.

Click Here to Open the DES Website and Begin Your Search


Click the link provided above and it will bring you to the home page of the Department of Education and Skills website.


At the top right of the Department home page you will find a button ‘Find a School‘. Click on this button and it will bring you to the ‘Find a School‘ page.

There is a ‘Access Service here’ button as well to click on.


When you reach the ‘Find a School’ page three search options are readily available:
1 – You can Download a List of All Schools in Excel Format
2 – You can search for schools using a Map of Ireland
3 – You can use the Refined School Search Method

The best of these options is the third as you can gear your search towards your preferred location and school type.


To successfully complete a refined search each of the provided fields must be filled.
In the first field ‘County’ specify what school location is most suitable for you.

When filling out this field your choice of location can be specific or general, i.e. ALL (entire Country) or Dublin 6, Kilkenny, Galway, Limerick etc…


In the Second field ‘School Level’ specify what school level you are looking for, i.e. Primary, Post Primary or Special Education.


In the third field, specify what your preferred school ethos is, i.e. Catholic, Church of Ireland, Muslim, Multi Denominational  etc…


In the fourth field, simple specify whether you wish for your child to attend a school that is: all boys, all girls or mixed gender.


In the fourth field, specify what language of instruction you wish your child to receive at school.
Are you looking for a school where: all subjects are taught through Irish, some students taught all subjects through Irish, some students taught some subjects through Irish or no subjects taught through Irish.


Your complete refined search bars should look something akin to the example provided here. When all fields are filled simply press the Search button to continue.

Step 10

After pressing the Search Button you will be brought to a page with a list of  schools fitting your preferences.
Here, you can switch to a map view where you can zoom in to the schools selected.