The Flourish programme is an RSE resource for use in Catholic Primary Schools on the island of Ireland. It aims to view the subject through a Catholic lens, fostering respect for self and others and helping the child, with the support of their family, to develop a moral compass. It consists of four lessons per class per year and is based on reflective practice as well as parental involvement. It is designed to be used in conjunction with the Department of Education RSE programme and has many integration points in the Primary Curriculum.

Vision for Catholic RSE in Catholic Primary Schools 

Flourish Vision for Catholic RSE in Primary

RSE Strands and Themes

Flourish RSE Strands and Themes

Cross Curricular Links and Integration 

Flourish Cross Curricular Links ROI

RSE Prayerful Reflection

How reflective practice is used in the Flourish Programme

Flourish Reflection Spaces ROI

Parent Letters – Letters to accompany each class level 

Parent letters

Parent Sheets

RSE Class by Class 

An overview of the programme for planning purpose

Flourish RSE by class ROI

Flourish Programme for each class level in Primary School