Church documents

We are delighted to share some resource documents and links that should be of interest to those involved in Catholic education:

  • From Pope Francis 

Laudato Si’ (On Care for Our Common Home) 

Laudato si’ (Praise Be to You) is the second encyclical letter of Pope Francis. The encyclical has the subtitle “on care for our common home”. In it, the pope critiques consumerism and irresponsible development, laments environmental degradation and global warming, and calls all people of the world to take “swift and unified global action.” The encyclical, dated 24 May 2015, was officially published at noon on 18 June 2015.

Click here for the full text of Laudato Si’ 

Fratelli Tutti (On Fraternity and social friendship) 

Fratelli tutti (All Brothers and Sisters) is the third encyclical of Pope Francis, subtitled “on fraternity and social friendship”. In the document, Francis calls for more human fraternity and solidarity, and is makes a plea to reject wars. The document was signed on 3 October 2020, on the occasion of Pope Francis’ visit to the tomb of his namesake, Francis of Assisi, and was published the following day on the saint’s feast day.

Click here for the full text of Fratelli Tutti

  • Irish Catholic Bishops’ Conference 

The website of the Irish Episcopal Conerence and it’s Commission and Agenceis (eg Accord, Trócaire, Counci for Justice and Peace) has lots of useful resources. See

  • The Synodal Pathway – Ireland 

On 10 March 2021, the Irish Catholic Bishops’ Conference announced a new Synodal Pathway for the Catholic Church in Ireland leading to the holding of a National Synodal Assembly or Assemblies within the next five years. This process will focus on the question: What does God want from the Church in Ireland at this time? The website should become an important stopping point on that journey, resourcing each one of us as we continue our Synodal journey.